For all their superorities and abnormalities and quests to save the world, superheroes also seem to have time to wed each other. Featured liplocking above are Stan Lee's creations Jean Grey and Cyclops (Scott Summers) from Marvel Comics' popular X-men. 

While researching for a list of married superheroes, I instead found a list of superheroes who are not able to have sex and consequently cannot reproduce. It makes sense, there should be quite some. More interesting than so though was the discovery of the the first openly homosexual (and married) superhero pair in print; Apollo and the Midnighter from superhero team The Authority (published by DC Comics. Publisher of Superman and Batman) Like that wasn't interesting, it turns out the pair legally adopted a little girl, Jenny Quantum, from Singapore shortly after marrying. Neat to see that comic books can be so progressive. However, I wonder if some concerned parental organizations stateside are not having a field day over this, declaring a fatwa against such "immoral behaviour"?

 The Midnighter and Apollo

Postat av: Anonym

Reminds me, I have to steal back the X-Men magazine Stefan and I got from you in december...

2009-05-20 @ 22:46:37
Postat av: Ash

Oh God yes, you should! It's one of the anniversary issues, an old fave of mine! Hihi, you should begin operation: X.

2009-05-20 @ 23:07:01
Postat av: ink

also, I have some "frame"-work to do with my Mucha posters, maybe it should be up on the wall as well...

2009-05-22 @ 20:49:00

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