Above is the infamous shaved pubic hair (in the shape of a G) ad campaign, now several years old, ordered by Tom Ford and shot by Testino that will still today have exposure in the occasional debate on the legitimity of today's advertising. Controversy selling will unlikely surprise anyone, no?

Is this ad sexist, mindlessly self-indulgent, degrading and objectifying? Is it just fun, original, clever and bold? How about, empowering for women? If this is an act of what it looks like, then who seems to be on the receiving end? Like is often the case with art, if you will, it all just depends on from which point of view one wishes to regard it. There are often several more reasonable perspectives than just one, although not always obvious for all.

While Testino shot this ad, it is still Terry Richardsson who shoots ads like these routinely.  

Postat av: Kosh

A true ad classic!

Ja, för vem egentligen?

2009-05-07 @ 22:11:05

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