"Clubbing baby seals is sick and gives Canada a black eye. Don't let the greed of a few tarnish the image of a whole country. Visit to learn how you can boost PETA's campaign against cruelty,"

This is what PETA's (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad campain featuring ultra-hip musician, Peaches, (Impeach My Bush, Fatherfucker)  reads. I quite like the word play of "club scene" here and some of the effort  that PETA are making in general in rasing awareness about animal cruelty. I used to belong to this certain law-related organization in which one of the most treasured anthems was about clubbing seals consisting of a cruel discription of how going about. Absolutely hideous it was.  I only ever sang it once. People didn't quite seem to get enough of it though. Sheep.

On another note there is PETA's main target in their activism: campaigning against the use of fur.Targeted is often US Vogue's influential editor in chief, Anna Wintour, for using animal fur in her magazine for years now. At a recent public interview she was met by PETA members in the audience who chanted: "This woman skins animals alive!"  Wintour's immediate facial expression to the stunt has been described  as "a mix of polite restraint and Is there no security in this place?

Without taking a stand against or for use of fur, I guess it's reasonable to at least expect animals to be treated without cruelty when obtaining the fur.


Postat av: Anonym

Gotta love Anna Wintour!

2009-05-15 @ 00:25:06
Postat av: K

Fatherfucker är ju för övrigt ett fantastiskt namn på en skiva.

2009-05-15 @ 00:26:06
Postat av: Ash

Fantastiskt, yes.

2009-05-15 @ 21:48:49

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