Along with other documents on my desk there is the following protocol; Perspectives on Friendships: U.S American and Constrasting Vviewpoints.

U.S American; A friend is someone from a passing acquaintance to a lifetime intimate.
Contrasting: A friend is someone with whom one is very close.

U.S American; Friends are often limited to an area of common interest, such as work, school or recreation.
Contrasting: A friendship embraces a whole person.

U.S American: Friends gather to enjoy an activity together.
Contrasting; Friends gather just to be together.

U.S American: If someone has a problem it is acceptable to go to a professional (i.e. counselor) for help.
Contrasting: Someone who has a problem goes to a family member or friend  at any time.

U.S American: Friends may be dropped if they do not live up to our expectations or our behavior.
Contrasting: One tolerates a lot from one who is a friend.

U.S American: One schedules time to see friends.
Contrasting: Friends are available at any time.

U.S American: Americans act informally and friendly with almost everyone.
Contrasting: People who don't know each other maintain a formal  relationship. 

Photo:Terry Richardson


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