Anderson Cooper shot by Diane Arbus

While some newborns happily have their picture taking by enthusiastic parents for insertion in the family album, others has had their's taken for Harper's Bazaar by famed masters of photography such as the late Diane Arbus who was known for her black and white photography of odd people in society (or "freaks" as she would say herself). Surely it helps being born into the clan of the Vanderbilts (heirs of shipping fortune). A small format frame of this shot which sold for as much as 12K shows the infant child of Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper, who would go on to become a prominent journalist and news broadcaster for CNN News. Known for his very premature grey hair, it's funny to think this not so charming looking little infant fella went on to become who is today deemed as a dashing and dapper gent of age 40. Having grey hair doesn't always have to be so bad....at least not for some of us.


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