Enter the Void

French cinema's bad boy. or rather the current bad boy of all cinema, Gaspar Noé, will hopefully have his latest outing Enter the Void screening at theatres very near us. Noé's previous effort Irréversible in which he directed real-life spouses Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel stirred a great deal of controversy for its graphic depiction of (ultra-)violence. As with its predecessor, Seul Contre Tous (I Stand Alone), Noé has never been the choice for the faint-hearted. Together with Catherine Breillat, Noé is among the few regular provocateurs in contemporary cinema right now. Surely Enter the Void will prove an interesting watch, whatever the outcome of it is.

Featured below is a link directing to Noé's short film Eva, starring model Eva Herzigova. Seemingly about a woman and her precious cat, it's subtext bares lonliness. Starting with the title credits, several of Noé's trademark features are seen in this short, which may as well be the most interesting with it.


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