Dillon Freasier and Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood

I'm always rushed by a sense of enjoyment by the sight of fathers taking care of their small babies and young children and spending time with them without the presense of the mothers (when there presumably are ones in the picture) who may be busy at work or spending time elsewhere doing whatever. There's a part of me ready to attack the other part for reacting this way to seeing a father wearing a baby carrying sling or pushing a baby stroller down the street on a Saturday morning. Thus, there should not have to be a novel or surprising factor in this sight and rather should shared responsibility and taking equal parts in terms of raising children be a certainty for everyone. However, that's not always the case in society.

There's an interconnection between equality in domestic life and in public/work life, why equal equities in the social reproductive sphere between men and women have an impact on equality in society at large. One has to keep in mind that there is an inevitable tie between money and power and therefore also withhold that a traditional household situation of women where they remain the main care-taker of the home and children and not a provider of economical resources through labor force, puts them in a weaker position socially and domestically in regard to men.

It's sure as hell easier to become a father than to be one, but it's not rocket science. Having sex will reproduce. Did you miss a meeting?


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