I'm revelling in whatever tidbit there is to find (not too many) about the former relationship of Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson. Anjelica Huston who is the daughter of director John Huston (The African Queen, The Maltese Falcon), once used to be the muse of photographer Bob Richardson (father of notorious Terry Richardson), also shooting with the likes of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton before turning into a succesful actress. She co-starred with Jack in her father's Prizzi's Honour from 1985 and people remember her for her turn as Morticia Addams in the big-screen adaptations about the The Addams Family. In recent years she has been serving well as the muse of director Wes Anderson in films like The Royal Tenenbaums and Darjeeling Limited. Jack on the other hand needs no further introduction.

Anjelica disclosed about Jack in Jefferson Hack's Another Magazine:

"Jack was a huge movie star and got a lot of attention and sometimes it was hard to be around it, because it would come uncensored and very directly whether I was with him or not. Girls threw themselves at him. And he was all boy. He wasn't going to turn down anything interesting, particularly if I was away. And I was away a lot. I was working a lot, he was working a lot. (...) Relationships are so mutable. There are moments when you think it's more important than anything to stay together, but you drift in different directions. Ultimately, it's terribly hard for me to break up with people, but Jack and I had essentially broken up a long time before we did break up. We weren't living together, we were seeing other people, we weren't discussing it with each other. A lot of the confrontational quality of our relationship - that confrontation that goes with knowing someone belongs to you - did not exist anymore. But the actual act of breaking up with Jack was huge; it was like breaking up with a parent. It was as hard as any death that I've survived."

On the topic of love she so wisely offers: "There is really no justice in love. You can't go into something emotional with a bargain in mind. You have to love unequivocally. You have to be direct in your emotions otherwise you can't expect anyone to deal directly with you."

In an interview with Parade Magazine Jack said about impregnating another woman with a child, while still in a relationship with Huston and upon learning the news:

"I was in a quandry. I knew having a child was a boon to my life, but I was in a wonderful relationship with Anjelica. It was as good as it gets. I immediately told her what was up, and she made the decision for us. Anjelica's first response was, 'You have to support this woman' Her second response was to come down to my job and beat the hell out of me. She really beat me up, I tell you. Anjelica can punch!"

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Åh, old school Hollywood!

2009-05-26 @ 23:41:49

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