Roxy Music may not have been the best band to have seen the face of the earth (it paved the way for the careers of both Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry) but they sure had a good eye for great artistic album sleeves, as displayed here. I'm in doubt though, as to whether the group ever produced anything as exhilirating as Bryan Ferry's solo track Slave to Love. Whoever orginally penned down this expression, be it Ferry or someone else, was a genius. Enough said.

Postat av: Kosh

En inramad vinyl av skivan längst ner till höger (snyggaste omslaget) hade ju Skivbörsen way back when...

2009-05-20 @ 23:36:57
Postat av: Ash

Ja tjena, ser ju att vara Helmut Newton rakt av...

2009-05-21 @ 01:04:05

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