Dapper dapper.

The blatant quality of a show like Mad Men makes going into words about it feel particularly redudant. So much to say and much of it has been said already. So what does make the cut? Subtleness. One of the aspects mastered by creator Matthew Weiner (formerly known as a writer for the Sopranos) is the subtleness of the show which is where a great deal of its strength lies. As frustrating as it may be at times, it's refreshing with no rushing whatsoever in terms of letting the drama play out as slowly as it does. One will be getting the feeling nothing much ever happens and yet it does. The use of silence in the ending scenes of episodes has an impact insofar that the storylines sometimes stays with the viewer long after the end. Every now and then the show brings thoughts to Wong Kar Wai's chef-d'oeuvre In the Mood For Love and that should say a lot.

Mr Dapper himself; Don Draper, as played meticulously by Jon Hamm, is by far the most charming and interesting protagonist on television since Agent Dale Cooper of David Lynch' Twin Peaks. With his Cary Grant and Clark Gable-ish sort of looks from an other era in time, one wonders where the world has had this guy in hiding for so long? Most certainly Hamm has fair potential of crossing over, doing a Clooney. Not mentioning January Jones' (Such lovely name it is too, does it not sound like the name of a Bond girl?) playing Mrs Don Draper (Betty),  the repressed surburbian housewife would be an utter sin as she displays talent easily matching Hamm's. Her looking like a dead ringer for Grace Kelly just proves the effort that has been put down at the casting office as well as at other department's of the show in order to give the show it's authentic 60's feel. Detailing is everything and Mad Men just never seems to fail there.


Postat av: kosh

best thing since sex and the city.

2009-05-05 @ 00:38:03

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