Open letter to suedi bananas,

Thank you for having made indie the poor man's __________(Insertion of whatever is the ultra new black). I think I prefered you guys more a handful years ago when you still thought (F)eminem, Linkin' Park and Blink 182 were the coolest thing ever since sliced bread. You remember? Well, just letting you know we've really given up so you can keep whatever you want. Just keep it all, do whatever you want with it. Not that you ever awaited a blessing but  fuck that, let's not any more of this. Just, please, keep hands off Frida Hyvönen and Jenny Wilson and will all get along just fine. Otherwise something will go down.

Open letter to non-dancers,

All of us who actually manage to move gracefully, controlled, while excuding shitloads of confidence and not coming across as looking akward or dorky and moving like from another era in time  that never existed, actually have so much more fun the the rest of you. I host sympathy though, clearly remembering times when dancing was stepping with feet from right to left and back. Whatever I know, I learnt from stealing and picking up moves from friends throught the years. Not trying at all, just makes no sense to me whatsoever. Surely you do realise yourselves what you miss out on?

Postat av: J.

So right to bring these issues up from the discussions-over-a-cup-of-tea-around-someone's-kitchen-table stage to an official level. Lurves it.


2009-05-17 @ 20:23:41

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