This disturbing image by Steven Klein lets your imagination run wild as to what is really going on here. It is only implicit and like the most intersting of art the artist does not impose his own interpretation on the eye of the beholder. The girl seems very unaffected by this scene, to the extent of enjoying the circumstances when calmly smoking her cigarette which adds to the cold feel of the frame.

Klein's aesthetic is macabre and cinematic and this frame in particular will make you think of, say, the likes of David Lynch or David Cronenberg. The first thing that immediately comes to my  mind viewing this is J.G Ballard's controversial 1973 novel Crash, which was mise en scène by Cronenberg in 1996, about people with the automotive paraphiilia of getting sexually aroused by causing and experiencing real car-crashes. With that in mind, I'd think the girl just may have deliberately crashed her speeding car against a wall, resulting in the death of the man and finally enjoying the aftermath with a little cigarette. Would this image have been less disturbing, were the roles reversed? I think for some the answer would quite likely be yes.


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