"A half hour later I am hard again. I stand up and walk over to the armoire, where, next to the nail gun, rests a sharpened coat hanger, a rusty butter knife, matches from the Gotham Bar and Grill and a half-smoked cigar; and turning around, naked, my erection jutting out in front of me, I hold these items out and explain to the girls in a hoarse whisper, "We're not through yet. . . ."  (excerpt from Bret Easton Ellis' novel American Psycho)

I found this anti-Ellis website of which the creators had the following to say about Ellis and his novel:

"Our message to Bret Easton Ellis is this-- We do not find your racist, sexist, homophobic fantasies (or are they really more than just fantasies?) "playful", "satirical", or entertaining. Indeed we are outraged that a book describing such graphic sexual violence, such blatant misogyny, such outright racism and homophobia, has been accepted by mainstream America (it was on the NY Times paperback bestseller list in April). Have we allowed the mind-numbing bombardment of the media to desensitize us to such an extent that we have an unlimited tolerance for violence? When will this woman-hating end?"


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