artwork for the Stainless Steel album sleeve

This is what conceptual music making is about, at least if you ask frontman Gruff Rhys of music duo project Neon Neon who made an entire vintage mid-'80s synth-pop sounding album, Stainless Steel, drawing inspiration from the life of legendary automobil engineer John DeLorean (known for creating the Pontiac Firebird).

Rhys says about the debut effort of the band:

"The Neon Neon album is a full-on concept record about the wives and lives ... Of John DeLorean, so it's been a real pleasure to write about a specific subject, and to think about various scenarios relating to his life and imaginary scenarios that may have happened to him on the way. And so musically we've been writing in a style that personally mirrored his kind of fast, cocktail-driven lifestyle. ... It's a very frivolous electro-pop record about the first playboy engineer."

You have to admire the dedication that goes into working with a truly conceptual project. Neon Neon's song Raquel (based on Raquel Welch) has been playing at this residency all day long. I guess we've reached the era in time where one basically just urges others to listen to track so-and-so on the application that is Spotify. For all it's worth, check Raquel out.

Although about Ms Welch, it's twice as fun picturing a snazzy Raquel Zimmermann during plays of the track.

Postat av: Stefan

Du skriver så fint Ashik.

Apropå vintage-musik. The Outrunners.


2009-05-18 @ 09:08:12
Postat av: Ash

Tack Stefan!

Outrunners, bra shit, verkligen! Juste, det var ju de ni var och lyssnade på häromdagen? Nice!

2009-05-18 @ 10:43:35
Postat av: Koshik

Den där sista bilden skulle ju lätt kunna ha varit en kampanj för Charles Jourdan anno 1967! Skriker ju faktiskt Guy Bourdin.

2009-05-18 @ 21:11:37
Postat av: Ash

Den sista bilden har Guy Bourdin skrivet över sig, all the way. A hommage, Im sure.

2009-05-19 @ 01:13:32

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