Genius. It's absolutely genius, not to mention beautiful. It's a few years old by now but the video for Roger Sanchez' tune Another Chance never fails to move. I'd sure be jealous of the director, had I been a music video director myself. How great as a concept for the lonely woman in the video to literally be wearing her heart on the sleeve wherever she goes, with its size depending on whether if she's happy or sad for the moment. The orchestration of the whole video is just so in synch with the overall feel of the tune, The part where the guy she's just met turns away on their second date to not be seen out with her because of the heart having grown back to its usual gigantic size is just very heartwrenching.

- Do you need help?
-Who doesn't?
-Is that your heart?
-It's small now.
-It was bigger before.
-Yeah, that's my problem.

Postat av: Stefan

Så fantastiskt. Ett av de allra starkaste musikminnena från min skoltid i Norrtälje. Kommer alltid att älska den här. Och vilken video sedan.

2009-05-28 @ 14:25:14
Postat av: Ash

Ja,vad bra att vi är två om att alltid älska den här. Verkligen, something else.

2009-05-28 @ 20:17:32
Postat av: Kosh

Tror faktiskt att vi är tre... Helt fantastisk!

2009-05-28 @ 23:03:31
Postat av: Kosh


2009-05-28 @ 23:05:12
Postat av: Ash

Den fångar känslan av ensamheten i en storstad alldeles perfekt

2009-05-29 @ 17:14:35

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