The Ballad of Jack and Rose

There are a number of departments in which a film be accomplished and alone consitute a good and interesting viewing experience. While combined and much notable achievement in serveral of these will render a superb film; perfect execution in an overall flawed film, in regard to only the performances by actors or for example themes depcted, may as well prove two hours of  one's time well-spent. American indie director Rebecca Miller's The Ballad of Jack and Rose succeds in portraying the issue of incestuous feelings between a father and his child, with enough depth and in a nuanced fashion, as did Nicole Kassel's The Woodsman before it regarding peadophilia. Daniel Day Lewis and Camilla Belle perfectly plays the father and daughter living alone on an island, formerly a commune, who struggles with their
improper feelings for one another.

There's a moment in the film in which she explains:

-If you die, then I'm going to die.
-If you die,there will have been no point to my liviing, he responds.

Postat av: ash

The film can be found on YouTube divided in 12 parts.

2009-05-31 @ 14:52:13
Postat av: Anonym

Mycket nyfiken på Camilla Belle, så måste se den!

2009-05-31 @ 15:18:56
Postat av: ash

ja! Hon är duktig och snygg!

2009-05-31 @ 16:07:15
Postat av: Anonym

Isn't Rebecca Miller (Arthur Miller's offspring) married to DD Louis?

2009-06-01 @ 01:15:30
Postat av: Ash

Yes, she is married to DDL! Too bad he isn't starring in her next film, The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee which has a stellar cast.

2009-06-01 @ 01:33:03

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