Being approached by complete strangers happens to me every now and then when visiting a certain square in town for the weekly flea market. In a country like the one we live in we're people are generally not the most willing to merge, I will know I'm being approached by either eager charity workers or for that matter, members of Jehovas' Witnesses like was the case today. As I'm standing in the line to pay for some flowers (Lily of the Valley, if you have to know) I hear I'm being asked for a moment of my time. No stranger to the situation, I politely turn around getting ready to decline whatever kind offer one has in store for me today. As have been the case several times before, I'm met by what appers to be the most jolly and sweet-natured ladies imaginable. Would I perhaps care for something little to read? Not really.

Admittedly, they did catch me off-guard when also carrying their magazines in my mother-tongue. Impressive. I decide for once to actually glimpse through this piece of offering, only to find a section called Young People Ask- Why don't girls like me? Tips targeted to ÿoung males include (apart from cultivating good manners and conversation skills and maintaining personal hygiene) always taking the initiative;

If you think a friend whom you admire might make a good marriage mate, let her know you are interested in her. Be clear and fortright in declaring your feelings. Yes, it can be nerve-racking. You fear rejection. But your being willing to take the initiative is a sign that you have grown up.

On what not to do the following is disclosed:

Don't flirt. A flirt uses flattering speech and provocative body language. He has no intention of pursuing an honorable romance relationship. Such actions and attitudes igonre the Bible's counsel to treat "younger women as sisters with all chastness". Flirts make poor friends and worse marriage mates. Discerning girls know that.

It would be highly ignorant to judge on the basis of just a small passage in what could almost be described as a pamphlet and especially  knowing particularly little about their beliefs. There is however a part of me which is immediately thinking that the 18th Century likely will be calling requesting its values back, any time soon. Having recently finished work on the topic of whether Relgion creates gender roles I find the reading I was just subjected to, to be rather interesting.

Photo: Juergen Teller.


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