I think I will let my Swiss army knife answer to that

Oh law students, you amuse (we) are a rare breed of a very own kind. A fellow law student telling you to go home and relax and that there is more to life than studies while himself leaving a law library late in the evening and seemingly out of concern for you and for your best interest is never really out of sincere least not for you, sweets. Rather it's really just on the account of this sight unleashing stress and guilt in the other law student about a peer staying and studying while he is not. It happens all the time around me (even between friends) where I'm sitting right now and it cracks me up everytime. When it does happen to me I just feel like ringing somebody's neck. Equally as worse is people asking you how much you studied, as if that would really help them in any way, other than to give some relief in case it turns out you're slacking behind in comparison.

Photo: Mario Testino
Source: The Face

Postat av: Kosh

I salute you.

She looks very young, när är numret från?

2009-10-28 @ 00:27:44
Postat av: Anonym

She does look right? Numret ar sakert fran senare halvan av 90-talet...It's the one editorial by Roitfeld+ Testino that launched her from Wonder to versaility.

2009-10-28 @ 15:21:43

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