I was just reminded of the commercials for Coke Zero and it hit me how blatantly this product primary is targeted as a lighter version of Coke towards males of the world's population. Whatever advertising agency orginally handled the Coke Zero account did a hell of  a job trying to establish Coke Zero as rad and manly. It makes sense I suppose. The epithet of "Light" in Coke Light, which has been around forever, is likely a hard sell with men considering that it makes one think of feminine traits such as dieting and watching calories, like real sissies. There's nothing light about how males are supposed to be. They should be anything but and rather be bulky and brawny and unhibitedly indulge in greasy burgers and juicy steakes. Thus, a real hombre would never want to be associated with "Light" and having his manliness taken a pothsot at. So, instead we get commercials filled with testosterone according to the usual formula of explosions, tits and ass for the Fast and the Furious audience.

I found this one, where this random dude enters a late-open convenience store only to find himself face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend accompanied by a bigger dude (It has to be a bigger dude, quite naturally. Words, redudant). With a smug look on her face the ex asks; So, how have you been...? The neanderthal man unable to speak, responds by drinking the bottle of Coke Zero in his hand. A sudden change in ambience ensues as in comes this kick-ass scantily clad chick who stops beside the neanderthal to ask: Baby, whipped cream or chocolate sauce? A quick image of a woman covered in these two toppings makes the decision easy: Both, he replies. An explosion arises and a chain attached to a helicopter appears down the roof. Grabbing onto it, the two flees off into the air with the end credits stating: Great taste. Zero sugar. As it should be. 

Compare this to the Coke Light commercials that are no better, of lusting women on the verge of ecstacy by the zip of Coke Light and the mere sight of a hunky male.

Coke Zero:
Coke Light::

Postat av: Koshik


Like real sissies, men vad rolig du är!

2009-06-12 @ 15:02:53
Postat av: Koshik

Coke Light: Flirty and fun (keywords on the story board)

2009-06-12 @ 15:07:16
Postat av: Elinor

haha så sant

2009-06-13 @ 07:33:55
Postat av: Tomas

Det absolut bästa är ju vad som händer i bakgrunden de sista sekunderna i reklamen; när Cola-mannen flyger iväg SPRÄNGS affären, med ex:et + nya dude:n, företrädesvis, under honom. Fantastisk reklam.

2009-06-14 @ 12:32:59

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