On the one hand, the contrast of this image is sensational and yet, on the other there may just be reasons for taking offense. Same goes for the one below, if disclosed that the child's hat is labelled Fendi with a price tag of circa one Benjamin Franklin ($100) and that its source is not the Asian Newsweek but rather the Indian edition of the world's leading fashion publication. The editorial from which it's drawn features peasants dressed with items of luxury brand wear and has been called "not just tacky but downright distateful". Without going into lengths about what the actual ciritism is I instead pose the question whether it is not somewhat admirable and novel to pull these items out of their usual context and show them in another, very contrasting, light? It's not hard to see why this must have sounded like a really rad idea at some editorial meeting held in some neat office space in Mumbai but neither is it particularly hard to grasp why it was perceived as insensitive by others.



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