Not indulging in the intelligent and entertaining writing of author/philosopher Alain de Botton is hard given the endless insights (that lead to several more insights of one's own) into everyday life that his reader is provided with. His analyis are made with such accuracy, making it so very easy to relate to what the man is saying, sometimes even to the point of one's feeling a little exposed by his putting into words what one has previously felt or thought. In his first novel Essays in Love (or On love, US title)  he thoroughly analyzes the process of a relationship, from the very first meet to the unevitable break-up that will follow, to the aftermath and everything there in between.

"Does beauty give birth to love or does love give birth to beauty? Did I love Chloe because she was beautiful or was she beautiful because I loved her? Surrounded by an infinite number of people, we may ask why our desire has chosen to settle on this particular face, this particular mouth or nose or ear, why this curve of the neck or dimple in the cheek has come to answer so precisely to our criterion of perfection? Every one of our lovers offers different solutions to the problem of beauty, and yet succeds in redefining our notions of attractiveness in a way that is as original and as idiosyncratic as the landscape of their face."

-Essays in Love

Photo: Anton Corbijn (from 33 Still Lives)


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