Dial M for Murder (Charlize Theron)

Rear Window (Scarlett Johansson & Javier Bardem)

The Birds (Jodie Foster)

Seeing great people like late Sir Alfred Hitchcock being paid a hommage is always very pleasant. Even more so, when done by well-classy publication Vanity Fair which always is in an A-league of its very own. Cinematic and narrative photo editorials with frames like the ones featured above only goes to prove just that.

Everyone's a goddam photographer today they think. An expensive digital camera and some basics in Photoshop and you're a self-made photographer. A snap at a picturesque scenery and that's it. It's all too easy to get a beautiful looking shot today, why true talent is seen only in a frame with a clear vision behind it, however simple and natural the frame itself may be. Lucky shots, just don't really count, at least not to me. When viewing an image I want to be convinced it was a very deliberate and conscious effort on the photographer's behalf; that this particular moment of a person gazing at the sun caught the interest of the photographer. Natural photography i.e. unstaged imagery that is not set-up, requires a perfect and sharp eye (in regard to potential subjects) to actually produce a really interesting image. Few people have that or at least fewer than those who don't.

Postat av: Koshik

Himla fina. Vem/Vilka är det som har fotat?

2009-05-16 @ 10:48:47
Postat av: Naz

Loves it, spec. sista på Foster som Melanie/Tippi Hedrén.

2009-05-21 @ 13:31:31

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