Liv Ullman

The last couple of years I've finished reading a number of biographies on the likes of Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Liv Ullman, Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo (not in any particular order). For whatever reason, I never finished a biography on any of their male counterparts; no Brandos, no Gables. These women were linked to ever so fascinating men like Ingmar Bergman, Spencer Tracy, Roberto Rosselini and Humprey Bogart, so I ask myself if these women were really that interesting in their own right or was I perhaps unconsciously not exclusively reading these biographies only on their account? Surely that was the case only with Bacall who, for all of her memorable roles (The Big Seep ! To have and have not !), was mostly interesting as the sidekick of Humphrey Bogart.

There are so many entertaining stories to tell from these readings, like for instance about Ingrid Bergman's rocky time as an acting student at the Dramatic Institute in Sweden during which she was cast for a part in a play by Alf Sjöberg in her very first year, to the disapproval of the senior students at school. At that time one generally had to complete the four first years to even be considered for the smallest of walk-on by ("Madame, your tea is served.") parts and there she was, bagging the great Alf Sjöberg at once. Apparently there was some serious bullying, mental as well as physical, going on against poor Ms Bergman to the extent that she was commanded by principal Molander to quit the play in order for peace. Wisely she said about youth, that one always bounces back up after set-backs.
Then there was also the story of Liv Ullman's regining years in Hollywood when she was once invited around for dinner with her daughter (writer Linn, daughter of Ingmar) at the house of a legendary blue-eyed film hero who turns out to be a complete douche bag by taunting Liv about her success and being rude to Linn's nanny. Being the bigger person his name is never disclosed by Ullman but it isn't hard to figure out it was most likely, Steve McQueen. 


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