Map of the sounds of Tokyo

If the title alone; Map of the sounds of Tokyo, is not enough to make you curious to see this film, then the mere name of helming director Isabel Coixet should. Spanish born Coixet could be descried as Susanne Bier's long-lost twin sister from another mother. Having already directed the thoroughly beautiful My Life Without Me, The Secret Life of Words and Elegy (based on The Dying Animal, a short story by Philip Roth) she is as we speak featured in this year's competiition section for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Festival. The backdrop of Tokyo and main actors Sergi López (Une Liasion Pornographique, Harry, he's here to help) and Babel's Rinko Kikuchi should help this feature turn out as worthwhile as Coixet's previous work.

The official synopsis reads:

Ryu is a solitary girl whose fragile appearance is in stark contrast with the double life she leads, working nights at a Tokyo fishmarket and sporadically taking on jobs as a hit-woman.

Mr Nagara is a powerful impresario mourning the loss of his daughter Midori, who has committed suicide. He blames David, a Spaniard who runs a wine business in Tokyo.

Mr Nagara's employee, Ishida, was silently in love with Midori and hires Ryu to murder David.

A sound engineer, obsessed with the sounds of the Japanese city and fascinated with Ryu, witnesses this love story which searches the shadows of the human soul, reaching deep into places where only silence has the power of eloquence

It's strongly suggested for whoever is interested to check out the trailer on the film's official website. It looks worth the wait.

Postat av: Koshik

Tillåt mig att skriva "wow"

2009-05-17 @ 20:05:26
Postat av: Ash

Wow is the first thing that comes to mind after a glimpse at the trailer, oh yes

2009-05-18 @ 01:27:43

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