There are moments of rude awakening when one is hit by the fact that times are indeed changing, as are also the order of things. I had one those at the recent champagne race of Snerikes nation during the day of Valborg. The cover band on duty for the function was covering a song by indie band Kings of Leon. This song I hear is called Use somebody which if I'm not mistaken is being played currently like it would have been the latest track released by, say, Coldplay. I found hearing Kings of Leon at Snerikes, with greater parts of the crowd singing along,  to be absolutely bizarre. An out of body experience, to put it dramatically. Five years ago when starting out as a student I might have killed for the Leons to be played at a nation like Snerikes; in any case that would never ever have happened back then. It's funny, this is the band we (leaving it undefined) listened to the whole last year of school while looking ahead at greater things out of the bubble, which is high school in this country's biggest small town. California Waiting still gets me the chills, reminding me of how closely tied the song felt to a not so distant future at the time. Long gone seem to be the Leons' denim jeans, face-covering beards and long hair as we were used to seeing them with the Youth and Young Manhood album. I'm not in a rush or particularly drawn to exploring any of there new music any time soon and likely I will never get around to doing that either but once in a while it's extraordinarily pleasant to be reminded of these blasts from the pasts and about what impact they might just have had on oneself.

Oh and while at it, did I just miss the part where the Killers, seen in a tiny tent in 2004 with an audience of thirty people, went on to become a household name? 



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