Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Woody Allen and Frank Sinatra should know. During the filming of Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, Farrow was being pressured by her then husband Sinatra to quit the film with an ultimatum; that were she not to comply with his wish, it would see the daylight of their divorce. Persuaded by notorious producer Robert Evans (The Godfather, Love Story), she ended up staying and completing the film and consequently also had the divorce papers delivered to her on set by Sinatra. Farrow made sure Rosemary's Baby would be released in the same week as Sinatra's film The Detective in order for there to be a battle about the biggest draw at the box office. While The Detective was a hit, Rosemary's Baby opened to far greater numbers that week and went on to become one of that year's biggest commercial success. Farrow eventually took out a whole page in trade paper Variety, printing the box office numbers for The Detective and Rosemary's Baby side by side for everyone to know who the champ was. Years later when the Woody Allen scandal broke out in 1992 (Allen left Farrow, his partner of many years for her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn when the latter was 22 and thus 35 years younger than Allen. Although Allen was not the adoptive father of Soon-Yi, Farrow's kids grew up knowing Allen as their father. The affair was found out about when Farrow stumbled across nude pictures of Soon-Yi in Allen's possesion) Sinatra offered Farrow to arrange for Allen's legs to be broken. Farrow didn't need it though, she persistently fought her own war against Allen in the media and at court over custody battle.

Woody Allen, Mia Farrow and Sun-Yi Previn


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