Nina Hemmingsson's popular comic strips are crude, angry, sarcastic, anxiety-ridden and absolutely hillarious all around. I for one loved every bit of her first comic album, Jag är din flickvän nu  (I am your girlfriend as of now) which just recently had a little baby sister, now out in bookshops; Så jävla normal (So freaking normal). Hemmingsson is born and raised in  Uppsala, Sweden and her work also happens to  be featured occasionly in the local student paper Ergo. There's a part of me that thoroughly hopes that it does not pass the students of this town unnoticed, what an utter privilige this actually is. Few people have been able to make me laugh right out loud, times again to the extent Hemmingsson has. I guess in the end it comes down to Nina and Patrick Bateman, the American Pschyo.

Postat av: Stefan

Åh ja. Storyn om ditt första riktiga skratt i symbios med American Psycho. Det fick mig att skratta.

2009-05-07 @ 10:11:24

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