Being interested in coming to terms with preconceived perceptions, my own as well as those of others, I found the quasi-contradiction between porn and intellectualism as subtexted in an interview with porn actress Sasha Grey (who is said to be the Julia Roberts of the adult film industry and heading to become the next Jenna Jamesson. Well, puh-lease, you have heard the name. At least)  to be a little thought-provoking. The inteviewer himself reveals about conducting the telephone interview; "It's also difficult to describe what it's like to hear a voice on the telephone which you've previously heard making such statements as "I'm a dirty whore" (and worse)-and moreover, to have a pleasant, courteous conversation with that voice."  Known as an intellectual porn star, Grey frequently speaks of her love and interest of Nouvelle Vague-director Jean-Luc Godard and existenstialist philosphy and cites the likes of Nietzsche and Baudrillard.

Says Grey about how she is viewed: "A lot of people don't want an intellectual porn star. They don't want a porn star to be a performance artist or a musician or a photographer. They just want the clichéd idea of porn star." Indeed there is a certain nature in people that is unwilling to accept and allow subsequent changes in people and viewing others outside of the box that is whatever role is imposed on them by society. Who wouldn't honestly react to a person out of the "ghetto" reading Sartre and playing the chello with a little enchanting "Oh..." in their mind? I can think of a few, actually many.

It's interesting how Gray speaks of feeling empowered as a woman in porn which is obviously diffuclt for normals to grasp, of which she seems perfectly aware; "Some people believe in God and the devil and some people do not believe in anything. Some people like porn and sex, and other people believe in monogamy. What one person sees as degrading and disgusting and bad for women might make some women feel empowered and beautiful and strong."

Again, regarding points of view there are seldomly "objectively rights", only  "more-commons" and "less-commons".


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